How We Work

  • Our process aligns with your needs.

    Raise your hand if you feel overloaded with information about web-based products and services? There are so many companies dealing in web services that you ultimately feel confused and stressed. All of them declare themselves as the “best.” But how are you supposed to pick up the right one?

    Which company can give you precisely what you want? What kind of workforce can ensure the quality of service you expect? What kind of people are trustworthy enough? What scale should you use to measure their expertise? 

    We would say, see what they have already done. See what their portfolio shows you. A company that manages to achieve a lot of Goodwills is the one you need to shortlist. A company that is driven by passion and that works with excellence is the one you need to shortlist. A company that believes in your vision and helps you realize it is the one you need to shortlist. Or wait!

    You need a company that can provide you the complete package - burning passion, igniting innovation, unparalleled expertise, robust strategies and a blazing will to provide you the premium services. Let’s make it simple. What you need is Hurekatek. 

  • With the decreasing attention span of web users, it is decisive to grab their attention in the first five seconds of their visit. The only feasible way to do this is to have an effective web design that is too hard to ignore. Your website’s design must be interlaced with the latest technologies and trends. It must allow your visitors to recognize your brand.

    Our team of web enthusiasts can effectively blend the creativity required for great web designs and the technical expertise needed to deliver seamless solutions to your web designing related problems.

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  • What kind of styles and elements do you visualize for your website? What type of features and functionalities are vital for your business requirements? 

    That’s exactly where we begin our work. Our team of experienced web developers toil hard to understand what is it that you want for your company’s website and delivers exactly that. We make sure that your site is fast, easy to navigate, mobile and SEO friendly.

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  • Do you know what are the crucial e-commerce elements that entice a visitor to make a purchase? 

    We aim to create web portals with all the necessary features that drive sales. We ensure great design, easy navigation, minimum load time and secure payment process. We consider it our responsibility to maximize the sales through our competence. 

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  • The world is moving to mobile devices and so should you. If you still haven’t considered a mobile app for your business, you’re certainly not adapting with the technology. And if you think a traditional web development company can fulfill your need for a mobile app, you’re on a path with dire consequences.

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  • Ask yourself: Are you making the most out of web? Are you utilizing the web platform to grow your business in an efficient manner? Is your company a pro in inbound marketing?

    If not, let us help. We can assist you with display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, social media, email, referrals, video, and affiliate marketing. And this doesn’t end here. We pride in ourselves to say that we’re always up to date with latest trends in the market and thus include whatever new medium of inbound marketing rises. 

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  • With careful site evaluation, keyword research, competitor analysis, strategy development, page and social media optimization, we ensure that we work in sync with your design and marketing team to help you use the power of local SEO. From error free online listings to link development, we strive to create sustainable search engine presence for you. 

    Of course, the SEO landscape keeps changing but we are there to keep you way ahead of such alterations. We follow the best practices and bring you real results.

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  • Your customers are about multiply but are you sure your website or mobile app can handle that traffic? Isn’t it a good idea to be prepared for possibilities that you expect in future in a particular time frame? Won’t it save you from the rush and panic state while you’re still able to deliver high performance to your clients?

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  • Web landscape changes every minute. And with that, you business website requires changes as well. Whether it is an integration of Google Analytics or any other tracking system, up gradation of software, bug fixing, optimization of web pages for optimum speed and performance, adding images, content or other promotion updates or safely backing up your website’s data, all of it isn’t easy to handle.

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  • Aren’t you already overwhelmed with the number of people you have to manage? Add to it the efforts you would need to make all the people you hire for different web related services coordinate. Tell us if that sounds an idea you want to pursue. 

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