Top 2021 SEO Trends You Need To Know

by Omkar | Dec 14, 2020

Which SEO strategies will dominate in SERPs and help you grow your business online in 2021? We’re going to look at various factors that are going to shine in the coming year.

In 2020, we experienced three core updates from Google, one in January, May and December. All updates were broad and it had a severe impact on SERPs. 

Quality has taken the front seat in the game and we no longer have to beat competitors in the quantity game. What’s more to know? Let’s find out!

6 SEO Trends You Need To Know In 2021

  1. Importance On User Search Intent

At the core, search engines are a place to go when you require an answer to a question or if you wish to understand or learn something. Google is a massive search engine.When we talk about SEO, it’s mostly about Google!

If we can understand the nature of online searches, why people search what they search, and better help them with content that answers their question precisely. It is the secret to better business reach and engagement with real people.

SERP analysis will receive more importance in 2021, with a specific focus on USER SEARCH INTENT that industry leaders think will get sophisticated in the future.

For example, you need to bank on your current website assets that serve visitors' needs and not the ones that talk only about your products and services.

You need a faster website that renders quickly on desktop as well as mobile. Also, please say no pop-ups, registrations, irrelevant hooks.

  1. Brand SERP Optimization

In 2021, you need to prove your authority and authenticity to Google. Google needs to understand what you offer, what particular audience you serve, and what does your brand stand for? Working on Google’s understanding of you is the start of improving your presence in the Knowledge Graph.

Google already has a lot of data on you, your emails, search history, and social media to quickly produce personalized information. All you have to do is improve  the relationships between your credentials and the content you upload to the web. That’s how Google will test your legitimacy.

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  1. Page Experience

Google recently introduced Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor in 2021, so user experience metrics on your page can no longer be ignored. You need to assess your website for these below factors -  

  • How smoothly and quickly does your page load? 
  • Is it mobile friendly? 
  • Are the user interactions smooth?
  • Is the navigation easy to understand?
  • How well does it render? 
  • Are the images SEO optimized?
  • Security protocols?
  1. Mobile SEO

You need to ensure that your website performs exceptionally well on mobile. It should be your primary concern because the majority of searches today happen on a smartphone.

Mobile UX starts from the user experience. Your greatest asset to building a mobile-friendly website is simplicity. If the visitor has to solve a puzzle trying to figure out the navigation on your page, a potential lead is lost.

  1. Automation

Just look back a decade ago. There were not enough tools to do even the simple tasks like creating a post (today we have Canva), doing keyword research, and many more tasks. Today, we have several excellent tools that help us be extra productive and efficient in our everyday tasks.

The number of automation tools will see a sudden increase in 2021, and it will be mind-bending. With the emergence of AI-generated content, there will be a surge in quality content around the globe. Yes, it will be a challenge to keep scam out of our email box. 

Automation combined with human touch can ensure proper values being presented to searches on the search engine.

  1. SERP Layout

You can expect to see a change to the entire SERP layout and content being displayed. Thanks to Google Passage Ranking, now you can focus on creating a complete guide blog rather than multiple sub-topic blogs that talk about the same thing. It will help you gain leverage over that topic.

Where others are busy creating topic clusters out of a single topic, you can rank better by creating a long-form blog.

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