Chatbots Development

Why Chatbots?

They save time.p They save money.p They can bring more sales.p They improve customer satisfaction.p They work 24/7 with zero downtime.p Custom Chatbot Development Services in NJ & NYCp We've developed chatbots solutions for businesses in NJ & NYC. We focus on five major industries - retail, health care, digital marketing, human resources and corporate training. 

1. Chatbots for Retail

Retail chatbots can improve customer service, offer product recommendations, act as sales assistants and perform many tasks like processing orders, offering tracking info, and tracking orders. They're highly customizable and can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Whether you need a sales assistant for your customers or a bot to assist with your back-end operations, we can help you with that. 

Deployment of such retail chatbots can happen on social media as well as your website. Chatbots can also be incorporated into mobile apps, helping you create a highly effective mobile app for your consumers. 

2. Chatbots for Health Care

Health chatbots are emerging as the best use of chatbots. Now, hold on! While we may still be far when it comes to perfecting diagnostic technologies, health chatbots are already working as great assistants for consumers to track their medical stats. With health chatbots, it's possible to 

  • Schedule health appointments 
  • Set reminders for medical appointments and medications
  • Monitor symptoms
  • Track diet & daily activity

While there may be applications already solving such problems, the self-learning capabilities of AI chatbots allows them to be more efficient without requiring extra effort from the consumer. 

3. Chatbots for Digital Marketing

It's possible to improve your digital marketing services with chatbots. If you're a digital marketing firm, a chatbot can help with team building and market research. You can also perfect your digial marketing tactics through AI-based live chat, recommendation bots, customer service bots and survey bots. 

4. Chatbots for Human Resources

Still looking at the employee performance manually? How much time are you spending in resolving each of their queries? How much time are you going to spend sifting through the applications for the new job opening? Save that time for better things!

HR chatbots can perform tasks like 

  • Screening resumes
  • Maintain consistent communication with potential candidates
  • Resolve employee & candidate inquiries instantly
  • Gauge candidate's overall experience and potential retention rate
  • Gauge employee performance


5. Chatbots for Corporate Training

Chatbots are the future of learning & development of your employees. The AI-powered learning bots can help keep your employees engaged, and make the information flow much more consistent and smooth. 

Some of the most popular chatbots we build

  • Chatbots for Customer Service
  • E-commerce chatbots
  • Food Ordering bot or restaurant chatbots
  • News bots
  • FAQ bots
  • Research Assistant bots
  • HR bots
  • Learning bots

We can also integrate your chatbot with platforms like

  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Microsoft
  • Twilio

Our Chatbots Development Process

  • Figure out the objective & the game plan -  for crystal-clear clarity
  • NLU and NLP combination - for correct interpretation
  • AI algorithms - for the smartness.
  • NLG (text generation) - for how the responds to end customer
  • Data - to help it learn.
  • Add-ons like recommendation engine, sentiment analysis, predictive modeling, text classification - for making it even better.

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