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Machine Learning in Retail

Billions of dollars worth of sales are lost every day due to inventory problems.

So many businesses lose their loyal customers for their support doesn’t work quick enough.

Too many potential sales never happen because your customer never got to see that product he’s likely to buy.

Our bespoke machine learning solutions can help. 

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Finding it hard to handle hundreds of queries at a time?

How about deploying a robot that sounds like a human?

Find out how machine learning can be a solution for your marketing problems. 

Machine Learning in health & nutrition

Be it a knowledge bot that you’re looking for or an assistant that can make your job of being a nutritionist easier; we can open up the world of endless possibilities for you with our custom-tailored machine learning solutions.

Machine Learning in HR

We’ve experience in building document classification softwares that can sift through piles of documents and sort them out according to your need.

We can also build a powerful HR tool that can improve the employee retention rate & make the HR job much easier.

  • Reduce HR workload
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save Money
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Who are we?

Hurekatek is a leading machine learning solutions provider for retail sector, health & nutrition, corporate training, digital marketing and human resources clients.

The company specializes in offering bespoke business solutions to small businesses and startups.

With several successful machine learning projects deployed, the company is striving towards offering personalized solutions with 100% client satisfaction.  Learn more

Our Process

1. Initial Phase

  1. Scoping: No two machine learning solutions can be same. Hence, we dig deep to recognize your business problem. And if it’s possible to have a fix through machine learning,  we work to put together the requirements and roadmap to make it happen.
  2. Data Collection Phase: We plan how the data has to be collected & how existing data, if available, can be organized.
  3. Proposing A Solution: Once our research completes, we suggest you a tailored machine learning solution - unique & specific to solve your problems.

2. Design Phase

Involves designing the entire architecture - understanding UI requirements, designing backend and the machine learning algorithms and finally, making it all communicate smoothly.

3. Development Phase

This is where the magic happens. The coding, the endless hours of work where we put together what was promised to you.

4. Testing Phase

At this point, your product is ready, but not completely. We search extensively for bugs and once everything is clear, we present the final solution to you - ready to roll out.

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