Mobile Apps Development

Consumer targeted mobile app development service

Services We offer

1.Android App development

We build user-friendly, future proof, customized, and secure android apps for various verticals, with code & design compliant with industry standards. From conceiving your idea in the form of an app to getting it live on the play store, we can be your technology partner for the entire job.

2. iOS App development

Our team can not only build a complete iOS app - user friendly, reliable, & conversion-optimized but also ensure it gets approved for app store and hits the top charts.

We have the experts to make everything happen. Top notch developers with experience of many projects, design & content specialists, content marketers and data scientists to put every latest trend and technology within your reach.

3. Website App development

We can develop feature rich websites, customized web portals and high-converting e-commerce websites adaptable to latest consumer trends.

From integration of secure payment gateways to deploying recommendation engines & chatbots to improve conversion rate, our team is experienced handle the entire web app development process with no hitches.

4. Hybrid app development

We make it possible for our clients to target huge audience via cross platform applications with near-native performance, and reduced cost (for both development & testing).

5. Machine Learning Enabled Application Development

We build NLP enabled machine learning solutions for retail, education, HR, digital marketing and healthcare industries, and integrate them in mobile apps.

Machine Learning Technologies

  • Recommendation engines
  • Demand forecasting solutions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Document clustering
  • Entity detection
  • Text classification

Our Process

We follow a three-step process

1. Strategy & Planning: A thorough understanding of your vision and business process is a prerequisite. Once we acquire that, we propose a solution, to give you an idea on how the app would work & how it may look like.

2. Design & Development: Once you approve the idea & we complete our documentation, our design team jumps in and creates mockups. This happens in sync with our development team that works on the backend to make the design work. Needless to say, it takes several iterations for we keep your feedback in the loop and refine it until it’s perfect to go live.

3. Application Marketing: Once the app is fully-working and ready, we work on making it public - getting it approved on play store or app store or both and marketing it to help it get noticed.

Why Us?

1. Realize & Refine Your Dreams : Our team emphasizes on deeply understanding your vision, improve it with our expertise in design, development & marketing and create an actionable plan to help you achieve your goals.

2. ROI Focused : We have a deep understanding on how mobile apps can be optimized to become an efficient revenue stream. 

3. Dedicated Maintenance & Support Services : You’ll never have to worry about downtime or creepy bugs that will hinder your business operations. Our dedicated support & maintenance services will ensure a seamless tech experience, while you can focus on actual business.

4. Latest Machine Learning Enabled Solutions : Our bespoke machine learning solutions can be well integrated with mobile applications to build a powerful & innovative mobile app that can give tough fight to your competitors - both small and big.