Paid Advertising


PPC is the fastest way to get visibility for your brand and get positive ROI. 

Services we offer

With our PPC services, you can get a competitive edge. We can help you with

  1. Google Search ads
  2. Google Display ads
  3. Retargeting ads
  4. Shopping ads
  5. Facebook ads
  6. Twitter ads
  7. Bing ads
  8. Instagram ads
  9. Video Ads

Our Process

How we work? First, we focus to

  • get to know your brand
  • your industry, and then,
  • make campaigns that would give you the best returns for your money spent

1. Benchmarking & Market Analysis

Our PPC experts analyze your compeititors - their spend, landing pages, keywords(targeting), ad copies and position to understand what you’re up against. 

Our research is aimed at running effective ad campaigns to minimize your ad spend and maximize your conversions. 

2. Campaign Management

The PPC professionals plan for the ad campaigns depending on your budget. What keywords to focus on? What would be the ad copies? What are the relevant keywords? 

Once the experts strategize everything, they setup the campaign and do consistent monitoring of each campaign, every day, to maximize optimisation of the campaigns. 

3. Landing Page Optimization

It’s crucial that your landing page is fully optimized for your PPC ads to work well. In fact, while running Google ads, landing page directly impacts your ad rank, and budget spend. 

Quite obviously, an optimized landing page is ultimately responsible for driving conversions from the traffic you get via running all the ads. 

So, our team of PPC and marketing experts sit together to consistently improve your landing page, as part of the campaign monitoring.

4. Analytics Tracking

Lastly, it’s the numbers we really care about. Don’t we? 

We analyze all the important metrics to boost the positive ROI on the campaigns.  

Why Us? 

Hurekatek is a full-service digital marketing firm. From setting up the adwords conversion tracking, running profitable ads and to actually creating landing pages that convert - our agency can handle everything under one roof.

We have experts for each challenge you may face in setting up a great PPC campaign. 

Let us do our magic.

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