About Us


Hello, and Welcome to Hureka.

Successful businesses are the catalyst of positive world change. Together, we can change the world, and we will. Our engineers, coordinating with world-class project managers, build and maintain custom web applications to meet your customers evolving needs and expectations.

Customers now expect us to anticipate their needs. They expect to be heard 24/7. To earn their loyalty we must continually demonstrate our loyalty to them.

At Hureka, we focus on transforming a static digital experience into a thriving, responsive environment, with real-time conversations, a live-data hub that is easily accessible by you, your employees, and your customers.

At a glance, at any time, you can determine the best course of action, the best way to serve. To let your customers know that yes, you are listening to them.

Your success is crucial to our growth and achieving our mission, that’s why we leave no stone unturned, working with you step by step, with 100% transparency from start to finish and beyond.  

Communication is as important as good code and development, and we don’t take it lightly.

A big value add is our unique HYBRID PAYMENT AND SUBSCRIPTION model to give you the flexibility you require in budgeting for any project.  It’s the best our industry has to offer.

We never want to see budgeting challenges get in the way of great ideas.

Again, welcome and thank you for visiting Hurekatek.