About Us

It started with the spark of an idea, caught the fuel of your innovation and turned into a fire of business opportunities.

What now? How are you going to take your business to the next level? How are you going to grow this business and get it noticed in the ever changing web landscape? How are you going to reach the people important for your business? What would be your digital marketing strategy? Who will implement it and be responsible for the results?

That’s where Hureka comes in. We're a team of web enthusiasts who are passionately trying to bridge the void in present day enterprises with cutting edge technology and innovation. 

"flare a change & share the melange"

What we do?

We are the one stop shop for complete web and mobile solutions that can give you can ace up your sleeve. With business specific solutions, enterprise level experience and a unique consultative approach, we are the remedy for all your technology related headaches. 

From developing a fully responsive website to optimizing it for search engines, from devising a digital marketing strategy to fatten your wallet/profits, we guarantee a product that is mature and integrated enough to be presented in the ever competitive online marketplace. 

Do you know what makes us the horse of another color? 

We know that the building blocks of any relationship is TRUST and we have always been trusted by our clients to provide excellence. We value our relation with all of our clients and ensure that they get the best of our services. Find out more about the projects we have undertaken till now.