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What digital marketing assets do you have currently? Which are ready for market? Which need improved? Which need discarded? What new digital marketing assets must be developed? We help our clients discover what’s working and what’s not to close those gaps quickly and effectively.

A digital marketing audit is a thorough investigation of all your digital marketing efforts. It is designed to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats across your entire digital marketing ecosystem.

A digital marketing audit is a highly structured activity that examines every aspect of your digital marketing activities. Although it is essential when you launch a new digital marketing initiative, the highest performing organizations conduct digital marketing audits consistently, as often as quarterly. 

It is also important to have your digital marketing audit performed by an outside organization to maintain objectivity in the analysis. Just like a financial audit, you want independent analysis and recommendations to prevent bias from revealing authentic results.

At Hureka Technologies, we follow a three-step approach when conducting digital marketing audits for our clients:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: We always start at the beginning and examine all aspects of our clients digital marketing strategy. Have they effectively told their brand story? Have they differentiated the products and services? Are they properly segmented with effective customer personas? How effective are their marketing funnels? We also examine their competition and gaps in their content and SEO strategies. Last but far from least, we’ll closely examine their goals and key performance indicators looking for strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • Digital Marketing Data: Far too often overlooked, a digital marketing audit reveals gaps in data collection, reporting, analysis, insights and action that are essential for optimal performance. A digital marketing audit not only reveals how well the technical implementation of data collection and reporting has been done, but also how the digital marketing team has adopted effective analysis into the culture and if they are garnering timely insights and taking action to maximize our client’s digital marketing return on investment.
  • Digital Marketing Execution: The rubber meets the road in our client’s execution of their digital marketing strategy. Have they created a web presence that reflects all aspects of their digital marketing strategy? Are they executing their intended search strategy? What about social media? Are their email campaigns working? What about the digital advertising programs? What opportunities have they seized for marketing automation? Have they grasped the holy grail of personalization?

Successful digital marketing is a journey, not a destination. A digital marketing audit reveals how well you are progressing on your journey and how to make course corrections to accelerate your performance.

We really thought we were doing a great job with our digital marketing. The digital marketing audit told us the hard truth and got us back on track.

Marciel V.

It Will Only Hurt If You Don’t Conduct A Digital Marketing Audit
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Well pretty much everybody!
We've had clients from almost every industry







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