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Technology developing at a rapid pace and unveiling a new era for the consumers and businesses alike. There is a new growing consumer base who are spending more time on the internet and are interacting more with brands and businesses online. Business websites of yesteryears used to have live chats where real agents would handle conversations with online visitors and answer their questions. We at Hureka are helping our clients overcome the overwhelming costs associated with live agents through the aid of NLP based Chatbots.

Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human languages, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. At Hureka Technologies, we leverage NLP based technologies to build you extremely smart chatbots to represent your business to your clients.

For example, with an online food discovery project here at Hureka called Palatable, we take the case of a user asking the chatbot to suggest the best place for eating. Here, the chatbot must understand what the user wants, provide a proper response – In this case, provide the name of the best restaurants based on the user’s profile, though the user has mentioned it as ‘place’. This is achieved through goof Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Well pretty much everybody!
We've had clients from almost every industry

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Well pretty much everybody!
We've had clients from almost every industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NLP or AI based chatbot?

There are two ways to chatbots - the basic chatbots and then there are chatbots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) brains. If you have customers wanting to converse with chatbots that understand natural language, you will need bot that is rich in AI so it would learn and adapt to your user’s needs. The latter bot is called a Natural Language processing or NLP bot.

What NLP platforms do you use at Hureka Technologies?

At Hureka Technologies, we make Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots using Xyonix and IBM Watson.