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AI-Enabled Product Development

When it is time to develop your software product, you essentially have two choices:

  • Build it yourself
  • Find a development partner

If you choose to build it yourself, what must you do?

  • You need to define the high-level outcomes for your product
  • Next, you need to create detailed specifications for each component
  • Next, you will need to define the resources you need to develop your product
  • Next, you need to estimate the time required for development of each component/your-software-product-development-partner
  • You will also need to plan your development budget for your product

Now that you have defined the project for your software product development, you will need to gather the resources you need to build you software product:

AI Product Development
AI-Enabled Product Development
  • You need to define the roles of each member
  • You need to set compensation for each role
  • You need to recruit team members for each role
  • You need to choose who to interview
  • You need to select the best candidates
  • You need to complete the hiring process
  • You need to onboard them to your company
  • You need to select the right technology platform
  • You need to identify the integrations that are essential for your product
  • You need to select the right tools to do your development

Now that you have defined your software product, assembled your team and acquired the necessary tools, you can get started developing your software product. What must you do now?

Project Management
  • You will need to communicate your project plan
  • You will need to assign the work to be done to team members
  • You will need to inspect the work they do from time-to-time
  • You will need to integrate the work of various team members
  • You will need to test the product and ensure it meets your requirements

After you have done all of that, now you can start marketing your product, if it works!

AI-Enabled Product Development
AI-Enabled Product Development

Is There a Better, Faster, Less Expensive Approach?

The Hureka team has more than 20 years of experience developing mobile applications, website and cloud applications. We carefully select the right development models to meet your project goals. 

The waterfall model calls for defining all the requirements, completing development and then marketing.

Over time, we have come to see the benefits of more incremental processes, such as agile development, design thinking, and lean startup, which build in testing, customer feedback, and realignment.

None of these methods can address everything alone. 

Our unique, cost-effective subscription model follows a hybrid approach starting with design thinking, transitioning to lean startup, and incorporating agile development. 

We will utilize this tried and true approach to guide you on your successful journey.

Our step-by-step approach includes:
  1. We listen to your ideas and your goals so that we understand your business and its requirements.
  2. Together, we map out a nine-block “Business Model Canvas” to better discuss, design, and invent the key elements you need to succeed.
  3. Our design thinking approach addresses a vast range of challenges, taking into account consumer needs, the possibilities provided by technology, and the economic requirements for success. 
  4. We then document consumer pain points and our assumptions about how to resolve them. Ideally, we recommend identifying and interviewing at least five early adopters to get their feedback.
  5. We match each documented pain to a gain (your solution) so  we can work through them systematically. 
  6. Once we understand all of your requirements, we can go back to the drawing board to define the correct architecture based on the complexity of the solution, the time frame for development, and the number of users expected to use the system.
  7. It is important to define all requirements, even if we decide to work in phases. This allows us to establish the correct architecture and avoid future reworks.
  8. We work in one-month sprints. Our goal is to complete development of a logical business use case each month so that we can elicit rapid feedback from early customers, validate assumptions, and test solutions.
  9. You decide the priorities and freeze the development requirement at the beginning of each month, keeping in mind prioritization may change based on customer feedback, a possible investor meeting, or the need to solve bugs in a current LIVE system.
  10. During this rapid phase of development, we have daily internal stand-up calls and communicate open questions to you using Riot/Slack, basecamp, and Google Drive.
  11. We also work through your marketing plan to incorporate special offers into the software design.
  12. We will start documenting A/B testing scenarios, comparing two versions of a webpage or app to determine which one performs better, as we work through the design and workflow.
  13. We will use storyboards to help visualize requirements, workflow, and wireframe development, and gain a better understanding of the system process.

Our approach delivers better software products for our clients faster and far less expensively. In addition, we free our clients to focus on marketing and bringing their product to market faster.

AI Enabled Product

Yes, you can build your software product yourself. 

But you can most certainly expect it to take longer, cost more and be more difficult if you are building it with a new team from scratch.

Alternatively, here are nine reasons to choose Hureka Technologies as your development partner.

9 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Product Development to Hureka Technologies


We have developed diverse cross-functional talent and provided each team member with a wide range of project experiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies. You don’t need to spend a moment attracting software development talent, training or managing their performance.


We have mastered communication within and across our teams following Agile Development values, principles and methodologies. Our years of experience working together enables us to start every new client experience at full speed with no time wasted learning to work together.


Our development process is fully transparent, enabling you to closely monitor our progress as we work through your product development roadmap with consistent monthly releases and weekly iterations to deliver the products that meet and exceed your customer expectations.


Our development methodology and experienced team enables us to accelerate development of your software development project without cutting corners that would compromise quality, providing you with optimal speed to market.


We save you and your executive team countless hours recruiting, training and managing the developers, enabling you to focus on other vital activities and avoid the headaches of project development and execution.


Our development teams include US domestic and offshore resources who have worked together on multiple projects. This structure enables us to deliver cost savings of up to 80% compared to domestic teams.


Our teams provide you with the ability to quickly adjust priorities as we can easily add additional team members or skills to address new opportunities and challenges


Our deep experience working together on multiple diverse projects enables us to rapidly assemble the right team for your software development project.


We are 100% accountable to deliver your desired results. You never need to worry about the risk of key talent abandoning you, as we’re with you for the long run.

In addition, we also work with our clients on:

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
Chatbots/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Chatbots/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Web Applications
Web Applications
eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Solutions
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Software Application Development Better. Faster. Less Expensive. 

You Really Can Have It All!with Fewer Headaches


$5,400/ Month
160 Team Hours/ Month

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$7,500/ Month
240 Team Hours/ Month

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$10,000/ Month
360 Team Hours/ Month

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