Social Media
by Akansha
Apr 30, 2021

Marketing Experts are continually discussing, examining, establishing a relationship between content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). 

4 Lead Generation Settings
by Akansha
Apr 23, 2021

The key objective of running a successful lead generation campaign is to generate leads.  

Enabling data driven decisions for digital marketing
by HurekaTek
Apr 19, 2021

Digital marketing analytics reports data produced as a result of your digital marketing efforts. This data reveals what’s working and what’s not working in your execution of your digital marketing strategy.

Small Business Owner's Guide to Get your Emails Opened
by HurekaTek
Apr 14, 2021

In our in-depth small business guide to email marketing, we’ve discussed how to get started with email marketing & how to create emails that convert. Today, we’re discussing how to get your emails opened.

google page experience update 2021
by Manpreet
Apr 14, 2021

Every now and then, Google makes a change to their core algorithm that puts a major impact on search engine rankings of websites across the internet. 

Small Business Owner's Guide to Creating Content for Email Marketing
by HurekaTek
Apr 12, 2021

Any email campaign is only as strong as its content. You want your content to have a clear direction that entices readers to want to follow along. Email marketing is an excellent way to stay connected with new leads and loyal customers. But it requires a strategy for it to work. 

Small Business Owner's Guide to Getting Started with Email Marketing Banner
by HurekaTek
Apr 12, 2021

The art of building a business stands on the business’s ability to communicate with its customers. There are several ways you can communicate with customers, email marketing being one. However, it remains a pillar on its own due to the amount of dedication it takes to just get email marketing up and running. So what you need to get started in email marketing? 

First,  what is email marketing?

Begin Your Startup Journey With Hureka Technologies
by Akansha
Mar 26, 2021

So, here's "From Dropping BILLION $ Ideas to Educating People on How to Build StartUps w/Hureka"

apple vs facebook
by Manpreet
Mar 24, 2021

Apple and Facebook have been at each other’s throats publicly. Their fight is going to negatively impact businesses advertising on Facebook. Here’s how! 

What’s Happening?

Apple’s latest iOS 14 update has changes that have crippled Facebook’s ability to personalize ads & offer detailed reporting to advertisers. 

how facebook ads work
by Manpreet
Mar 18, 2021

Do you want to utilize PPC advertising but are being constantly beaten down by the competition with big budgets? Facebook has enabled millions of small businesses with its affordable & unbelievably amazing advertising options. 

Before we dive into the details of Facebook advertising, let’s bust some common myths.

Local SEO
by Akansha
Feb 26, 2021

Local SEO helps businesses to appear in local search results.

Transform your worst case scenarios into positive outcomes
by Roopak
May 17, 2020

Our human nature almost always presumes the possibility of something or the other going awry with our set of plans?

Or maybe it's just me :), can't help it!

Funny thing is that our worst nightmares almost take shape close to what we conceived in our imagination.

The jitters it leaves you with, is only to be experienced. Not only does it ruin what you planned but it also robs you of the last drop of confidence!

Semantic Search
by Akansha
Apr 20, 2020

Part I of IV: 8 Tips To Gain Effective Volume

Listen up...

Top 11 Web Design Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business
by Manpreet
May 21, 2019

Having a website isn't a choice. It's a must-have.

But are you taking it seriously? 

In this post, we list down 11 web design mistakes that prove costly to small business owners, sometimes requiring them to redesign the whole website (doubling their expenses) or losing out on traffic & customers on a daily basis until they recognize they need the redesign. 

5 Signs of A Lazy SEO Agency
by Manpreet
Apr 23, 2019

Jeremy is great at online marketing. He has got 60+ clients, and he leads a team of more than ten people. When he started out with his business, he was the hardest worker in town and he would get his clients real results. His clients were happy. Jeremy was happy.

Soon, Jeremy had more clients than he could handle. His life was secure. With this security, he started getting lazy. Really, all he needed to do was to maintain the rankings he had already achieved. 

But, he failed to do it.

online branding tools and tips
by Manpreet
Apr 14, 2019
You know the usual - business cards and presentations. Those are old school branding tools. Yes, they work. But there are a lot of online branding tools that can boost your business growth within a limited budget. In this post, find out about top 5 tools for branding your business online and how you can use them precisely for branding.
Using digital marketing to evolve your business
by Manpreet
Apr 02, 2019

Small business owners often find it intimidating to move to digital sales. Maybe, you already have a website and use social media, but if it hasn't brought you a few leads in the last month, you need to rethink your strategy.

by Manpreet
Jan 11, 2019
In this post, we are going to cover digital marketing basics that every small business owner must know. Digital Marketing: The practice of marketing products & services using digital technologies. For a small business, an effective digital marketing strategy must be cost-effective and highly automated, to utilize resources with better efficiency.
by Manpreet
Dec 27, 2018
In this post, we have listed down 7 tricky and peculiar local SEO challenges businesses in New Jersey face. The post is relevant to any business operating in a densely populated area.
Top 5 Types of Chatbots For Solving Business Problems
by Manpreet
Nov 24, 2018
How many types of chatbots are there? Some say there are 3 and some have rounded up the number at 7. What’s the correct answer? It depends.
25 On-page SEO services and techniques that will work in 2019
by Manpreet
Nov 21, 2018
We’ve created this resource for small business owners and startups to help them learn about the on-page SEO services and techniques that are working at present and would continue giving favourable results in the near future.
Top 9 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2019
by Manpreet
Oct 22, 2018

In this post, we discuss what are the top content marketing trends that will keep marketers busy in the next year. We analyze the shift in the way people are consuming content and how marketers can attract attention of their potential clients. 

5 Reasons Why Your Business Definitely Needs SEO Services
by Manpreet
Oct 16, 2018
Content and tutorials are often free on the internet. Reading a few articles about search engine optimization may make you think anybody can do it… you can do it. But as a business owner, would it be wise for you to take the reins of SEO instead of managing your core business?
4 SEO Myths You Must Never Believe In
by Manpreet
Oct 15, 2018
The very fact of tagging ourselves as professional SEO services means we know what we do. We know more than enough to not believe in SEO myths and not feed those to our clients.
Wordpress Vs Drupal SEO: Is Drupal SEO Friendly?
by Manpreet
Sep 22, 2018
Considering it’s a complex system built for extensive websites, it’s often assumed that Drupal SEO is hard.
by Manpreet
Sep 14, 2018
Text messages have been there since decades but are they still relevant? In this post, we discuss the emerging trends in SMS Marketing, putting it right at the top in the list of preferred marketing channels by marketers all around the globe.
Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your Future
by Manpreet
Sep 02, 2018
Watching out for the biggest digital marketing trends is crucial for any small business these days. In today’s post, I’m putting down top digital marketing trends that you can still leverage, before everybody else does.
9 Best Uses Of Chatbots For Restaurants
by Manpreet
Aug 17, 2018
Be careful with your investments. With the need of quick results, short-term powerful strategies are ta small business owner’s only option. Affordability is the deal-breaker. 
On Machine Learning Powered Recommendation Engines
by Manpreet
Jul 22, 2018
When the attention span of internet users is diminishing day by day, what should the companies do to retain the customers? What strategies would help them boost sales when they have to struggle even to keep the customer on-site?
5 Reasons Why Using Chatbots in Retail Is A Must
by Manpreet
Jul 20, 2018
When your employees are working to their full potential, why do you need to spend on this new technology? Why use those computer programs that would kill livelihood of many?
5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs Machine Learning
by Manpreet
Jul 18, 2018
Each small business has a unique set of problems, but all of them revolve around affordability, and time.
6 Reasons Why Machine Learning Must Dictate Your Retail Strategies
by Manpreet
Jul 16, 2018
Retail industry works with tight budgets and often, low margins. It’s the quantity of sales that will get you positive ROI.
On Use of Machine Learning in Finance
by Manpreet
Jun 25, 2018
Working with machines is nothing new for financial sector. Over 73% of everyday trading is already done by algorithmic machines.
Game-changing Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2018!
by Nitin
May 26, 2018
Right after they were born, its popularity spread like wildfire and who had anticipated they will occupy such a giant space in our lives and our business.
5 Powerful Ways Your Company Could be Using Chatbots for Marketing
by Manpreet
May 18, 2018
Chatbots, the self-learning computer programs, are the future of marketing. And there goes that fluff line that we, as marketers, hate.
5 Money-Saving Ways To Use Chatbots In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
by Manpreet
May 18, 2018
Chatbots, the intelligent robots, have emerged as the most trending technology in the last few years.
How having an online presence can make or break your business?
by Anish
Apr 22, 2018
Online and Offline, we are all familiar with this lingo now.
How AMP Affects SEO and Why is it Important?
by Manpreet
Apr 20, 2018
The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source coding standard to improve the performance of web pages, content and ads. It is introduced with the aim of improving the performance of the mobile web.
How Digital Marketing and Drupal Go Hand in Hand?
by Anish
Mar 17, 2018
The world's changing due to technology and everything's getting digital. Therefore, the online marketing strategies are also evolving.
Transform Your Worst-case Scenarios into Positive Outcomes!
by Nitin
Feb 13, 2018
Our human nature almost always presumes the possibility of something or the other going awry with our set of plans?
6 Advantages of Responsive Websites That No One Told You About!
by Anish
Jan 24, 2018
To establish a strong online presence, you need a responsive website. To cut the clutter and stand out on the internet,  responsive web designs should be your go-to strategy.
Which SEO Trends Will Dominate in 2018?
by Anish
Jan 18, 2018
When it comes to SEO, everyone wants to stay one step ahead of their competition.
Why Should Your Business Invest in SEO?
by Anish
Dec 27, 2017
Google has cracked down and gotten rid of the negative practices that could earlier manipulate ranking and other SEO practices.
What is the Purpose of Social Media and Its Importance?
by Anish
Dec 25, 2017
This is certainly not an alien language! It’s the language of the generation today.
What is the Importance of Web Design on SEO and Branding
by Shakeel
Dec 15, 2017
Today consumers are more tech-savvy than they were even a decade ago. So they expect every company - small or big, to have a great web presence.
Cloud Computing: Everything it has to Offer "As-a-Service"
by HurekaTek
Nov 28, 2017
If you send email, edit documents, watch movies, listen to music, play games or store pictures and other files on the internet, it is cloud computing that is making it all possible. The first time cloud computing came existence was barely a decade ago.
Getting Your Digital Marketing Strategy Right
by Anish
Sep 22, 2017

Today, people spend twice as much time on the internet as they used to 12 years ago. It says a lot about how people perceive the Internet, the way people shop and buy has completely changed. This means offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be. Marketing has always been about reaching out to your audience where they are already present. Today, it means on the Internet.

The Emergence of AI and Neural Networks
by Anish
Sep 15, 2017
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword in the technology world for quite some time now. AI is incredibly fascinating; it allows computers to improve their perception, cognition with growing experience. Machines learn (using deep learning algorithms) on data, giving you the desired results.
Giving Voice to Your Search: The Evolution of Local SEO
by Anish
Aug 25, 2017

When most of us started using Siri, we acted like total kids asking random and irrelevant questions trying to play with it. “Hey Siri, Could you please call me Ironman?” – “Yeah, sure, Ironman.” –  “Ironman, do you want me to add last name to it?”

How Is Machine Learning Affecting SEO?
by Manpreet
Dec 20, 2016
Back in 2008, Google engineers had a search engine algorithm, a manually crafted one, and which site would rank where on what keyword was easily predictable. But with the onset of Hummingbird, it has got too confusing for the SEOs to figure out what makes a site rank better because it isn’t just keywords and it isn’t just the links.
by Nitin
Jan 14, 2015
Infra cost is understandably the most unavoidable and necessary ingredient for any Tech startup. Coming to terms with it initially is almost a shocker considering the amount of cost & manpower muscle the company needs to deploy. Shelling out such an exorbitant amount is not feasible for all, so what can be the alternative?
by Shakeel
Nov 10, 2014
Gone are the days when websites were built to run in little squares, we call mobile phones. The whole investment from design to web development, content creation, and infrastructure was meant to be perfectly appearing through a mobile phone device.
by Nitin
Jul 20, 2014
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