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6 Advantages of Responsive Websites That No One Told You About!

6 Advantages of Responsive Websites That No One Told You About!
Roopak Gupta
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A website has become the backbone of any online business today. 

To establish a strong online presence, you need a responsive website. To cut the clutter and stand out on the internet,  responsive web designs should be your go-to strategy.

But first, let’s look at what we mean by website responsiveness.

To put it simply, a responsive website is a website design that focuses on allowing a particular website to adapt to any screen size that it is being viewed on. 

Whether you view the website on a desktop, phone, tablet or any other device, the user will not find any difference. 

The overall appearance on their screen remains unchanged even if the devices change. 

With the advancement of time, Google has now started prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

So you need to make sure that your site is optimized for all mobile devices especially smartphones by using a responsive design. 

3 Main Components to Make Websites Responsive

1. Fluid Layouts

Switching to fluid layouts helps a lot because it allows the web page to expand and contract according to the given screen size.

2. Responsive Images

Responsiveness of images is really important. Responsive images grow and shrink with the browser the user is using to fit the web page. 

3. Media Queries

With a proper media query in place, you can add device specific rules for hiding, moving or showing content for a better user experience for each device.

6 Advantages of  Responsive Websites

1. Stay Ahead of Competition

To cut the clutter and stay above all your competitors, you need responsive websites. 

You need to have one website that suits all devices.  With a proper responsive website, it will adapt to each device, providing the relevant layout and content that best meets the users' needs. 

It’s certainly lower web content management costs and higher R.O.I.

2. Saves Time & Effort

There was a time when online businesses had two versions of the same website. 

One for the desktop users and one for the mobile users.  It was a very time consuming and a high maintenance practice. It took a lot of time and money, literally double the investment.

But a responsive website is ready for all devices - desktops, laptops, smartphones as well as tablets.

3. Increases Reach

With the advancement of time and the increased importance of mobile users, it was very important to target mobile users. 

Mobile users are increasing by the day, and the interactiveness increases with responsive websites.

4. Boosts SEO & Online Marketing

With proper SEO done on responsive websites, they will perform well on the search engines. 

Websites that are mobile optimized will perform better in search rankings because they provide a better user experience than sites that are not mobile friendly. 

Responsive web designs adapt to multiple devices sizes. 

With smartwatches, Google Glass and other newer devices,  internet viewing is changing by the day. 

So responsive web design and development will work for newer devices in the future too.

5. Boosts Business for Online Businesses

Hopping from one cart to another is very easy with mobile devices. 

The products and services are very easy to view on mobile websites. More and more users are online on mobile phones all day and shopping is like a hobby. 

If you can’t give your users a good experience while using mobile phones, they will not come back. 

Your brand will lose value and they will visit a competitor's site, which is mobile optimized.

6. Increases Social Media Users

Social media users are increasing every day and most social media consumption happens on mobile devices. 

Once there are several links that are being shared from social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest, it will help you gain a lot of traffic and increase the user base. 

For a strong social marketing strategy too, you need a responsive website.

Responsive websites are the future!

The smooth and seamless experience is what the users are looking for. If you want users to come back to your website, you need a responsive website. 

With a responsive web design, you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

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