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Chatbot/ML/AI Development

by Manpreet
Nov 24, 2018
How many types of chatbots are there? Some say there are 3 and some have rounded up the number at 7. What’s the correct answer? It depends.
by Manpreet
Aug 17, 2018
Be careful with your investments. With the need of quick results, short-term powerful strategies are ta small business owner’s only option. Affordability is the deal-breaker. 
by Manpreet
Jul 20, 2018
When your employees are working to their full potential, why do you need to spend on this new technology? Why use those computer programs that would kill livelihood of many?
by Manpreet
May 18, 2018
Chatbots, the self-learning computer programs, are the future of marketing. And there goes that fluff line that we, as marketers, hate.