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    Our process aligns with your needs.

    Raise your hand if you feel overloaded with information about web-based products and services? All of the companies declare themselves as the “best.” But how are you supposed to pick up the right one?

    Which company can give you precisely what you want? What kind of workforce can ensure the quality of service you expect? What kind of people are trustworthy enough? What scale should you use to measure their expertise? 

    We would say, see what they have already done. See what their portfolio shows you. A company that manages to achieve a lot of Goodwills is the one you need to shortlist. A result-driven company that works with excellence is the one you need to shortlist. A company that believes in your vision and helps you realize it is the one you need to shortlist. Or wait!

    You need a company that can provide you the complete package - burning passion, igniting innovation, unparalleled expertise, robust strategies and a blazing will to provide you the premium services. Let’s make it simple. What you need is Hurekatek. 

  • Our aim is to make machine learning solutions accessible to small businesses & startups. We can build applications by utilizing several AI & machine learning technologies - sentiment analysis, text classification, natural language processing, chatbots, recommendation engines & more. We begin by deeply analyzing your business problems and then, propose a unique bespoke solution for you. Why do all this? Because, every business out there is either already using machine learning or is planning to.

  • Building a basic mobile app is easy. We've done better-  we have utilized machine learning to build innovative mobile app solutions and we almost always use our marketing knowledge to present you deisgns that meet your business' end goal. Tell us what you need and we'll deliver it with an added touch of creativity & industry expertise.


    We follow a result driven approach to digital marketing. Basically, we run behind the numbers that actually matter - leads, sales & conversions. Our digital marketing solutions are tailored to achieve these numbers with no fluff approach. We’ll never try to impress you with fancy numbers that don’t even matter. We work on the things that matter.


  • The world maybe going mobile but web applications still matter. Be it a business website, an e-commerce website or something like a CRM solution, it’s something we have done before and we can do again, only with even more skill, precision and customizations.

  • If your business wants to leverage the growing trend of AR VR technology, you must have already realized the real challenge - it’s not the apps that are a problem, it’s the AR VR content. We can fix that for you.

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  • You’ll be surprised how many traditional business problems can be totally eradicated with technology. All it requires is a thorough understanding of your problem and our knowledge of technology solutions. We should talk and get you a solution.


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  • Helping an idea transition through funding and become an actual product is our dream job. As technology partners, we have the approach, talent and resources to help you realize your startup idea and make it a success. 


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  • Reduce the cost, time and effort it takes to build a product by using our IT outsourcing services. We abide by the rules & partner into mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with small businesses and startups and offer them our expertise at machine learning solutions, digital marketing, web & mobile development, AR & VR content and digital transformation.