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Let’s Get Your Digital Marketing
Roopak Gupta
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Let’s build a rocket together.

  • We would start by gathering all of tools and supplies
  • We would assemble the components and paint the rocket with our favorite colors and decals
  • We would plan our launch, including getting the necessary fuel
  • We would countdown to launch, watch it fire into the sky and circle the planet
  • … and eventually come back down to earth, hopefully in one piece!

Digital Marketing is a lot like building a rocket, until you get to the very last step.


Your Digital Marketing Foundation: Tools and Supplies

What tools and supplies do you need to build the foundation for Digital Marketing Rocket?

  • You need to get your messaging right, including all aspects of your brand.
  • Next, you need to clearly communicate the benefits, advantages and features of each of your products and services.
  • We’re not done gathering tools and supplies. Now we need to define your customer segments.
  • There’s more! Now you need to define your customer personas.
  • Finally, you will need to construct your marketing funnel to define how you will pull visitors through process of moving from visitor to prospect to customer or client. 

Congratulations! You have now poured the first level of the foundation for your Digital Marketing Rocket!

Website-SEOYour Digital Marketing Foundation: Assembly

You did a great job gathering the tools and supplies to launch your Digital Marketing Rocket! You know what you will communicate, who you will communicate with and how they want to hear it. Great job!

Now it’s time to start the assembly of your rocket. In the digital marketing world, this involves establishing your web presence

  • Your first assembly step is conducting effective keyword researchWARNING! Do not skip this step. If you do, you may find yourself climbing to the very top of your digital marketing ladder, only to discover you are leaning against the wrong wall!
  • Next, you need to create the incentives that will move your visitors through the digital conversion cycle – from awareness to evaluation and conversion.
  • Great! Now that you know how you will incentivize your visitors; you must create compelling calls to action (CTA’s) that get them to click now on your offers!
  • What’s the next step in your assembly instructions? Once someone arrives on your website, how will you nurture them through the process getting to know you and evaluating if the want to become a customer or client?
  • Finally, it’s time to create your web presence and the many, many pages that attract, engage and convert! Along the journey, your design will emerge with the right colors, fonts and other vital visual elements that are essential for digital marketing success!



Your Digital Marketing Foundation: Fuel Plan

Can you feel the excitement? You are ready to set the date to launch your Digital Marketing Rocket! But first, you better check that you have all the fuel you need for the journey!

  • The first place to charge your digital marketing rocket is through social media. You’ll need a presence on each platform you choose to use and a game plan to continuously refuel.
  • Are you ready to write? Of course, you are! You’ve already conceptualized your marketing funnel and developed your nurturing sequence. Now you need to supercharge your Digital Marketing Rocket with the endless fuel of email marketing!
  • Your countdown to takeoff is just so close. But wait! You’ll want to load your Digital Marketing Rocketwith the fuel of lots of traffic. Where will you get that? With your arsenal of display ads, of course!
  • What happens when someone visits a page somewhere in your web presence and they want to engage with you now? What happens if that happens when you are in a meeting or even sleeping? Don’t worry! You won’t lose them with the right chatbot technology!
  • Wow! You have come so far with your Digital Marketing Rocket. But the one thing you never want to do after you takeoff is run out of fuel. Where will you get that fuel where you are out there deep, deep, deep in Internet space? You’ll get that constantly renewable energy of content marketing.

Here you go! 10 … 9 … 8 … 

Your Digital Marketing Foundation: Launch

… 7 … 6 … 5 … ABORT!!!

Thank goodness we stopped that launch! 

We almost forget to load your Digital Marketing Rocket with vital supplies for the long journey ahead!

  • Does your Digital Marketing Rocket pass the usability tests to ensure your visitors have a great experience while they take this journey with you?
  • Speaking of usability, how effective is your customer engagement? Does the experience of finding you anywhere on the web lead to engagement and conversion? 
  • How will you maintain control of all these elements while flying your Digital Marketing Rocketaround the Internet galaxy? You really won’t have to worry if you implement the right marketing automation tools to take care of things for you.
  • We’ll be heading back to the launch pad soon, but first, what are your goals? In other words, what are the key performance indicators (KPI’s) that will determine if your Digital Marketing Rocket is flying at peak efficiency and effectiveness? 

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  • This is it … the final checkpoint before you launch your Digital Marketing Rocket. You’ll need to monitor every step of your digital marketing journey with 360o analytics! It’s the only way to stay the course and safely return home for your next digital marketing journey!



Your Digital Marketing Journey: It Never Ends!

4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BLASTOFF!

What’s the same and what’s the difference between launching a real rocket and launching a Digital Marketing Rocket?

  • What’s the same is you never want either of them to crash!
  • What’s different is a real rocket hopefully returns home to stay, all in one piece. Conversely, a Digital Marketing Rocket, once built and launched, is on a never-ending journey.

If it’s time for your business to launch your Digital Marketing Rocket on a never-ending journey, Hureka technologies has all of the tools and supplies, assembly instructions, fuel and launch plans to sustain your journey to growth, profitability and scale

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Let’s Take the Never-Ending Journey
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