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How are Pharma Advertising Agencies Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Brands

Pharma Advertising Agencies
Roopak Gupta
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How are pharma advertising agencies using data-driven marketing to grow brands?

If you love burgers as much as I do, then you’re aware that you can’t stick to just one brand.

Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s - to name a few.

There are so many choices for a burger fan that you could eat a different one each day, much as I do at times.

But when it comes to choosing a healthcare service provider, consumers have always been brand-focused and brand-loyal.

After all, “Trust” plays a very important role when picking a healthcare service provider. So, once a consumer makes a choice, chances are, they will stick with their decision for the long term.

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Despite that, over the last few years, there has been a gradual shift away from brand loyalty. With time, consumers are beginning to favour convenience and brand rapport more and more. According to a recent study, more than 30% of consumers expressed no preference for a particular healthcare brand, while more than 60% expect their healthcare brand preferences to change after the pandemic.

This means that the onus is on healthcare service providers to create a tract and keep their patients. Something they can ensure through patient safety, building trust and positive experiences that go beyond health or treatment. No wonder the average digital ad expenses of most healthcare and pharma organizations has increased steadily over the last few years.

The pandemic has already forced many industries to fast track technology adoption. And the same is true for the healthcare industry and market as a whole.

Telehealth, or virtual medical care, used to be an optional luxury; today it is an operational necessity. Wearable tech that monitors body levels is being adopted by more and more consumers. Social media has become the new avenue to connect and interact with potential patients.

This drastic shift to a more digital model presents huge possibilities, although, only with the right data and the right understanding.

But it is quite far removed from what you as a healthcare service provider generally deal with. So how do you leverage these possibilities?

With the help of data-driven Pharma Advertising Agencies, of course.

Data-driven pharma advertising agencies use informational data and AI to leverage data to create bespoke, innovative digital marketing solutions for your brand. Along with a team of pharmaceutical marketing experts on board, these agencies are well-versed in creating marketing campaigns that are tailored to your specific audience.

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But are pharma advertising agencies any different from usual advertising agencies?


A pharma marketing agency has specialized expertise in the healthcare industry that they leverage. This helps healthcare organizations such as yours to attract and keep patients. They do this by leveraging data and AI to create targeted content, focused strategies, personalized patient interactions and more.

Here are some of the few ways in which they differ from usual advertising agencies:

  • They have in-depth experience in the pharma and medical industry
  • They are experts in leveraging data and AI to create targeted campaigns
  • They create meaningful interactions between your brand and the consumer

And it’s these differences that set pharma marketing agencies apart from the usual advertising agencies.

“But how can they help my brand?”, I hear you asking.

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All this healthcare industry-specific experience and expertise means pharma advertising agencies are best placed to help your brand grow. And they do this by leveraging pharma data analytics and supporting infrastructures such as cloud computing and machine learning.

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How do pharma advertising agencies leverage data and AI to help your brand grow?

1: Using data to optimize ROI

Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world today. Pharma advertising agencies are experts in leveraging this information to create targeted campaigns. Using said campaigns, they help you reach out to potential consumers when and where they are most receptive.

This not only has a positive impact on the end ROI but also allows you to make effective capital and resource allocation decisions. Additionally, the efficiency of different marketing channels can be analyzed. This gives you an accurate idea of the most effective channels for a competitive edge.

2: Capturing the right data from the right avenues

Data scraping is one of the most efficient ways to get data from the web and pharma advertising agencies are well-adept at it. By scraping the internet for informational data, pharma advertising agencies tap into the emotions and outlook of the larger populace towards your brand.

This helps them, along with you, to understand how your brand and its communication is being received, allowing you to make any necessary campaign changes to meet specific pain points. Data from the web also highlight any concerns consumers may have about your product or service. This can then be communicated to the concerned team to make the necessary adjustments.

3: Personalizing campaigns to meet unique consumer needs

When it comes to pharmaceutical products and services, consumer needs vary from individual to individual. In such cases, the best experience you can provide to a consumer is one that is personalized to acknowledge and address their unique requirements on a platform where they are most receptive.

Pharma advertising agencies leverage big data to spot patterns and create more effective and personalized communications for consumers. This not only makes them more inclined towards your brand but also builds it up as one that focuses on the individual, not the crowd.

These are three of the many ways in which pharma advertising agencies use data analytics and the latest technologies to help healthcare brands such as yours communicate effectively in today’s digital world.

But how do you find a pharma advertising agency that is the right fit for your brand?

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Finding the right pharma advertising agency for your brand.

There are many distinct variables to keep in mind - the services they offer, their previous work, fees, staff, skill set and more. Here, I will break down what I believe are the three aspects you need to keep at the top of your checklist.

  • The brains behind the agency.

A lot of pharma advertising agencies make tall claims about their personnel and their experience, but peel away a layer or two and the true picture emerges. To ensure you know exactly who you’re dealing with, ask the right questions.

Who are their full-time employees and the areas they handle?

What are their core competencies?

How many years of experience do these individuals have?

Determine if they truly have the strength and capabilities to handle the full scope of what you need, which is 360-degree data-driven pharma advertising campaigns.

  • Their portfolio

Check any ad agency’s website and you will see some of the best work they have done for some of their most famous clients. This gallery of websites, campaigns, ads and logos definitely looks impressive. Because it was meant to be.

While an agency's portfolio represents its experience and competencies, when choosing pharma advertising agencies, it is important to focus on the results of these projects. What were the goals? What was the medium? What were the results and ROI?

Ask them about case studies and examples that show a quantified measure of success.

  • Skill in using data and AI

Online and digital capabilities are important aspects to consider when choosing among various pharma advertising agencies. What’s even more important is their skill with using data and the latest technologies for marketing.

Are they up-to-date with the latest technological developments in AI and Big Data? Is their analytics team proficient enough to gather actionable insights from informational data? Can their social media team track campaigns in real-time to give you a minute-to-minute update on campaigns?

What you’re looking for is a pharma advertising agency that will respond to all these questions with a resounding “YES”.

While this may not be a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to look for in a pharma advertising agency, it is a promising place to start.

If the pharma advertising agencies you’re looking at qualify in these three areas, to begin with, you know you won’t be wasting your time taking the conversation further.

Once you do find the right pharma advertising agency for your brand, you will be able to reach out to consumers effectively - communicating your experience and expertise to the world at large.



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