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Begin Your Startup Journey With Hureka Technologies

Begin Your Startup Journey With Hureka Technologies
Roopak Gupta
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So, here's "From Dropping BILLION $ Ideas to Educating People on How to Build StartUps w/Hureka" by Louise & Louise, founders of Bizbros in "Content Is Profit" podcast.

Louise & Louise + Roopak / Vaibhav

Louise & Louise present their line of questioning in hopes of unraveling the success mantra behind Hureka Technologies.

Roopak and Vaibhav share their story, message, and struggle to help guide other startups on their way to success.

Directors of Hureka Technologies, Roopak Gupta and Vaibhav Gupta, were guests on the podcast to share ideas on how to build startups.

Vaibhav comes from the gaming industry, but is now putting his efforts into solving real-world problems.

He loves to build cool products without the hassle of the steep technology and industry learning curve or the challenges with managing different vendors and, more importantly, the financial challenges.

Roopak has grown several successful businesses in the tech space. 

He has been using his invaluable expertise to help business owners adapt and excel in a fast-changing technology environment for more than 20 years. 

Louise & Louise: How Did Hureka Come Into Existence?

It all started when Roopak moved to the U.S. and realized what the startup community is all about.

How collaborative are they? What support do they have?

In 2006, he thought of an idea that would help students and enthusiasts get their ideas into the market and not fall through. 

Louise & Louise: What Was The Concept Behind Your Company?

The concept was born out of Roopak's own struggle and dropout story. 

He built a vacuum robot that can vacuum your house, but he didn't go ahead with this idea.

There are many reasons behind not pursuing the idea like he didn't know the meaning of startups. 

What's a fundraiser? How can you even take a product to the market?

His own difficulties and queries helped him reach the core concept of Hureka.

He wanted to help people realize their ideas and convert them into a minimal viable product or service.

Louise & Louise: How Did You Come Up With The Company's Name?

With the core concept of helping entrepreneurs reach their goals or realize their real-world ideas, both founders named their company Hureka.

Hureka, meaning Eureka as coined by Archimedes. 

Eureka means the joy of discovering something, whereas Hureka implies the realization of your ideas. 

That's how it all began, and the rest is history.

Louise & Louise: How Did You Both Hit It Off As Partners?

The meeting of both the founders was purely coincidental as it just happened without any planning.

They have similar last names, but neither are brothers nor even remotely related to each other but share a bond stronger than real brothers.

Vaibhav had established his own UX design company with his few friends.

Roopak met Vaibhav for the gamification of the Palatable platform.

And from there, the business relationship turned into a strong bond of like-minded people.

Their aspiration and goals seemed to resonate, and both became partners in crime. 

Louise & Louise: Why Was Your Concept Successful?

The concept behind the company was a success because many startups and entrepreneurs were facing the same issue.

Others were facing the same challenges Roopak faced.

He was unaware of many things that could have helped him cash in on his idea then.

Even Louise agreed with him and shared that he had to face a similar dilemma as Roopak. 

He says, "I had a little bug with entrepreneurship when I first started and went into my favorite things in college, which was like two semesters at TN."

He continues to say that he ended up going to great conferences where people shared their ideas. 

He feared if he shared his idea, then someone was going to take it.

He also says, "Now we know it is all about the execution, and it is very intimidating for a student."

So, Roopak had hit the right spot by figuring out how difficult it was to navigate these things.

No wonder his subscription package was the right fit for many companies.

Louise & Louise: What Was The Role Of Gamification In Your Journey?

Vaibhav started his journey by landing a high-end job in the gaming industry but soon realized that he wasn't more than just a cog in it.

There was no creative freedom, and he thought about what's going to be his legacy.

He started his own company and realized how free he was to create and explore.

He also strives to make a mark in education as he realized how the education system is outdated and failing to fulfill its purpose.

He just had to make it fun! 

He became a part of startup CultureDabba, where culture could be taught to their immigrant parents' children to help them not forget their roots.

They leveraged the use of gamification to create that awareness.

Final Words

Many people have fantastic ideas with incredible potential, but they fear to take a leap of faith in the unknown.

Everybody fears the unknown, and it is a tremendous financial risk to jump into things you barely know.

Here comes Hureka Technologies, guiding the budding brands and turning ideas into a viable business model.

Our value-added hybrid payment and subscription model is the best that our industry has to offer. 

It offers the flexibility you require to budget for a project. 

At Hureka, we transform brands' static digital experience into a growing and responsive environment with real-time interactions.

We offer 

  • Machine learning
  • Mobile app development
  • Website development
  • SEO 
  • Progressive web app development
  • Outsourcing startup consultation
  • Chatbot development.
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