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Hureka Technologies Inc Receives Second Review on Clutch for Stellar Web App Development 

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Roopak Gupta
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There are more companies who are relying on the power of web applications for their day-to-day processes. Some of these apps are actually used to expand and widen some services that business offers. The bottom line is that these apps are helpful and, as a business owner, you should know how to use them to your advantage.

In any case, Hureka Technologies Inc is one of those companies that can help you with these new technologies. Whether you have an idea or a product in mind, our team is here to help you make those into reality. We provide different services such as custom software, mobile app, and web app development

Today, we are very happy to share a great review from our Clutch profile. This is the second one we have on their platform and we are very happy to share it with you! Our team was hired to develop the flagship platform of a therapist recommendation company. We handled everything from the platform development down to the securities, updates, and even maintenance.

It was a tall order, but we were able to deliver an impressive solution for our client. The platform  also received great feedback from the end-users. To give you an insight about the project, here is the Founder of Theralist Gonzalo Guyel: 

“Hureka Technologies’ project management is excellent. Comparing their customer service to other projects I’ve done in the past, the way they interact and engage with me is exceptional. I’m incredibly satisfied with their professionalism and the way they execute the project. “

We are very happy to receive such kind words and feedback from our customers! These types of reviews give us the motivation to keep on improving our craft and putting more effort into what we do. To our client, thank you so much for this amazing review and we would like to let you know that this project wouldn’t be a success without your cooperation and support.

Did we mention that this review garnered a perfect 5-star rating? Yes, this review got a solid perfect score across all categories! 

On the other hand, another B2B resource site called The Manifest is also listing us on their site as one of the premier companies in our industry. Check them out and visit our profile for more information about us and the services we offer.

Connect with us, we are excited to work with you! Tell us about your idea, your business, your setbacks, and your goals — we’ll help you get there!

Roopak Gupta