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Transform Your Worst-case Scenarios into Positive Outcomes!

Transform Your Worst-case Scenarios into Positive Outcomes!
Roopak Gupta
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Our human nature almost always presumes the possibility of something or the other going awry with our set of plans?

Or maybe it's just me :), can't help it!

Funny thing is that our worst nightmares almost take shape close to what we conceived in our imagination.

The jitters it leaves you with, is only to be experienced. Not only does it ruin what you planned but it also robs you of the last drop of confidence!

To be honest, in a one-2-one fight, it wins more bouts - yet. It's only about time that you realize the Rocky inside you and give it back more than it deserves. So, I invoked mine, and boy the climax has been nothing short of a blockbuster.

The idea is to grab the bull by its horns, yes it definitely sounds scary but don't lose hope. You are about to strike back the ‘negative notion’ with its own arsenal. The constant Google algorithm updates would be a great example here.

No matter what SEO strategies you employ, a single update is good enough to rock your boat and knock you off Page 1, 2 or even 3…

It’s not that you’ve employed the wrong techniques, you simply followed what the leaders in SEO were doing, yet the major updates since 2011 has changed the entire landscape of SEO.

Google, as a search engine, is getting smarter and savvier. So half-hearted techniques just don’t work!

In fact, Brian Dean of Backlinko was also affected by these constant updates. Yet he bounced back and is a well-known face in the industry today.

Turn Negatives into a Positive

Remember what you learned way back in school, ‘two negatives form a positive [- - = +]’?

This isn't just your old school math concept; it’s as real as it gets for life scenarios too. All you need to do is apply it.

Now whenever you chalk out a plan - personal, professional, or anywhere else - just consider – ‘worst-case scenario’ in the lineup of outcomes possible, the ‘notion’ now loses its most powerful arm - the surprise.

When you understand this possibility and familiarize yourself with the most unfortunate situations, it loses the sheen and in turn makes you much more comfortable with the idea that even if it turns out that bad, it's for the better or even a

Plan B is in place.

The concept of A/B testing in marketing is very similar.

In fact, it’s a fantastic method to figure out the best online and promotional marketing strategies for your business.

The best part is that it can be used to test everything – from website copy, sales emails to search ads.

You simply chalk out various strategies, test it and see which one works. You stick to the ones that work and re-apply them.

You’ll suddenly realize that since you've accounted for the worst, it cannot dip any further and gives you a much needed sense of relief and an energized confidence level.

The idea is not to use a single negation but double it to re-factor the concept upside down.

Overtime, this simple aspect of psychological trickery has lent me a much required cooler outlook, albeit not an overconfident one, about how I personally juggle any overwhelming situation.


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