Content Marketing

With our content marketing services -

  1. You can - Tell your brand stories - so that more and more people recognize your brand. We bring that top of mind recall for your advantage.
  2. You - Get more conversions - as our content marketing services focus on generating and distributing content that can convert into leads and customers.
  3. Build Brand Loyalty so that you never lose a customer again to a competitor.

Content Marketing in NJ & NYC: What We Do

We follow a 3-step process for our content marketing services.

1. Content Marketing Strategy

Proceeding with a solid strategy ensures the success of the project. We analyze your ideal customer profile, business objectives, competitors and then, frame a strategy to attain your objectives with targeted efforts.

2. Content Creation

There’s gotta be some solid content to do content marketing. We specialize in the following content formats.

  1. Website content - We have a team of expert copywriters who have been trained to write conversion optimized website content.
  2. Blog content - Blogs are a way to establish you as the industry expert and also, help you avail SEO benefits. But they have to be really good to make a difference. Our content writers, who are now well-trained for the industries we work with, know how to make it happen.
  3. Premium content - It’s the long-form content like ebooks and whitepapers, usually required for landing page optimization, email marketing and even, content distribution. We have the skills to write the best ebooks and whitepapers for you.
  4. Infographics - The diminishing attention spans require content like this to inform more in less time. Our team of content writers and graphic designers work together to make attractive and informing infographics.
  5. Social media graphics - If you want to take social media seriously, you need great social media content that covers everything - information, entertainment, & promotion, in just the right amount.
  6. Videos and podcasts - We’re one of the few content marketing services providers in NJ & NYC who specialize in video content and podcasts. They maybe a bit tough to produce but not for us, who handle them very well.
  7. Interactive Chatbots - By leveraging our expertise in machine learning solutions, we can build interactive chatbots that can be deployed either on your website or on leading social media channels to answer your customer queries in a conversational and effective manner.

3. Content Distribution

Content creation is just 20% of content marketing. The rest 80% is making sure the content is read.

We can help to get your content published on leading online publications and also, distribute your content through our additional services like social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization to ensure your content is actually reaching the right people and making an impact.

Why us?

HurekaTek is your technology partner for latest technology and digital marketing solutions. With our offices in NJ & India, we can help you gain a competitive advantage in the online world to generate revenues.

  1. Professional Copywriters - Our copywriters are trained in the specific industries that we work with. With that kind of industry expertise, it’s hard to go wrong with the most important content on your website.
  2. Content Writers With Marketing Knowledge - Our content writers combine the industry knowledge with the marketing knowledge we have trained them for and write content that’s informing and entertaining while being naturally promotional. You can sell your product or service through your content with no hard selling.
  3. Industry Expertise - Owing to the fact that we focus a lot on gaining industry expertise before we serve that industry and we’re experienced in what we do, everything related to digital marketing, we can give you a unique advantage in your industry.

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