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MobileyMe provides a service where users can easily recover and secure mobile devices in case of lost/stolen.



MobileyMe is a product concept that helps people access a virtual instance of their phone in the event of a lost/stolen device, broken/malfunctioning device, or dead battery. It also ensures that their most critical data is backed up.


  • Access your smartphone from any web browser or another phone by installing the app and logging into your MobileyMe account.
  • Telephoning & messaging for making calls / sending SMS through your phone using your MobileyMe virtual number when you don’t have your number handy.
  • Remote Control Agent in order to perform security functions as well as synchronize key data elements with their primary phone.
  • Secure all your data like contacts, messages, photos, etc using MobileyMe cloud storage.
  • Erase everything on your phone when lost with a click of a button.
  • VPN which enables users to browse safely through the web.
  • Locate your device from anywhere.
  • Mask your MobileyMe virtual number with your mobile number to make calls.


  • Faster API response - from 5-6 seconds to 0.5-0.6 milliseconds.
  • Minimal code maintenance.
  • Reduce the time to run the semi-automated import process to less than a day with negligible manual intervention.
  • Improved system scalability to accommodate new datasets, handle higher traffic, and manage new business requirements.
  • Responsive UI to support various screen sizes 





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