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Rocco is a personal finance app that helps you get early access to your earned wages to help pay expenses and avoid overdraft fees. You can access your bank account balance, overdraft alerts, spending insights, and more through the mobile app.



We need to create an application where user can get some cash in advance before he/she gets his/her paycheck or whenever required. In other words, whenever a user wants to borrow some money, Rocco can lend him/her in a few easy and no time taking steps.


We have created a mobile app who provide a user-friendly environment where user can easily create an account and link their bank account to get cash advance. Also, they have a facility so user can change their bank account and see their transactions.


  • We have developed Android and iOS apps rapidly with help of the latest feature of React-Native.
  • With the help of Node JS and MySQL, we developed several APIs which make the easier process of the app.
  • With the help of React-Native, we can easily communicate within Stripe and Plaid.
  • With help of Retool easily manage users, and other services very easily without creating any backends.

Services offered:

  • Rocco is a financial technology company that helps users get early access to their earned wages. 
  • The mobile app provides users with spending insights to manage their cash flows and avoid getting into debt. 
  • Rocco will offer up to $100 of free advances to its qualifying users.




Development Time


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